Green Stamp AWThe MTA WA administers the Green Stamp program.

Green Stamp helps automotive businesses to reduce their impact on the WA environment. The program has been developed by the MTA WA specifically for the motor industry and receives funding from the Waste Authority.

The Program has 3 levels. Businesses involved in the program aim to go beyond the minimum requirements and work towards Green Stamp accreditation by meeting the requirements of levels 2 or 3. Businesses that achieve level 3 Accreditation have adopted industry best practice.

Level 1 – Legislative Requirements: At this level the business meets all of their legislative environment requirements. Businesses that meet these requirements are encouraged to take steps toward industry best practice via levels 2 & 3.

Level 2 – Voluntary Initiatives: After achieving level 1 the business adopts a minimum number of voluntary environmental management practices into their day-to-day activities.

Level 3 – Continual Improvement: These businesses develop and implement an environmental management plan. The plan establishes practices to identify, monitor and review environmental impacts, and sets targets for further improvement.

Motorcycle Masters has been accredited at level 3 and maintained this level since 2009.